Wavecrest Audio

Born in 2010 as a project between an information technology professional and an audio industry veteran, Wavecrest Audio aims to set new price vs. performance standards for the fast growing Internet Direct audio industry.

After evaluating nearly all popular loudspeakers in the $200/pr price range, we found a common theme.  Some loudspeakers offered impressive bass, others crisp and detailed highs – a few even offered both characteristics.  However, none offered a lush and accurate midrange response, which is arguably the most critical aspect of loudspeaker performance.  With this goal in mind, we contacted an industry veteran bringing 30 years of well-proven loudspeaker design experience, but also with the resources and manufacturing contacts to, at a minimum, determine if it were possible to offer the desired performance at our price point goal.

3 years later… We are proud to offer our very first product, the HVL-1, a loudspeaker that sounds great, doesn't neglect the midrange, and is easy on the wallet.