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Written by Curtis Chang — May 10, 2013


Jerry G.:

Were the HLV-1’s benchmarked/compared against the (sealed) Ascend HTM-200?

As expected, it appears the ported HLV-1 do play slightly lower, but what are the other listening impressions compared to the SEAS tweeter?

May 23 2013


Yes…HVL-1 was absolutely compared to the HTM-200SE.

The HVL-1 has a slightly more full sound and a tad punchier, due to its larger size and porting. It is a tad warmer as well.

The SEAS tweeter in the HTM-200SE is a benchmark in its price range..it is excellent. Compared to the HVL-1, it is cleaner/crisper.

May 23 2013


Those are sharp! I own some Ascend speakers but am always on the lookout for more affordable options for my friends (who aren’t as obsessive as I am lol). Thanks for this option!

May 24 2013


Send you friends this way! Especially during the Memorial Day promotion!

May 24 2013


One other little thing about the HLV-1 that I really like is just a tiny little design detail that matters to me but may not matter to anyone else. I like the fact that the tweeter is spaced closely to the top of the speaker. Although you guys may have done this for SQ reasons, I like to get the tweeter as close to the bottom of the TV as possible. A small thing, but it caught my eye. Bravo! :)

May 31 2013


hello, i’m looking for an overall full natural clear sound to go with the harman kardon avr2700. this speaker hits my budget perfectly, but i’m a little confused about the comparison above to the htm-200se… what does cleaner/crisper mean? new to this so i don’t know all the terminology very well! i have a small room, will not be getting a sub, use 50/50 tv&movies / music. i don’t like treble emphasis or high pitched female vocals, if that helps! initially thinking of 3 of the HLVs for mains and center. thanks for any further advice and clarification. i appreciate it!

October 21 2013


ljm, the HVL-1 is a very balanced speaker, there is no treble emphasis. The HTM-200SE uses better components, resulting in a better performing speaker, but it doesn’t have as much bass extension due to its sealed design. Hope this helps you.

November 22 2013


Hello. I’ve recently come across the HVL-1 from outstanding reviews on AVS and Home Theater Shack. My question is in regarding a LCR setup. While I know that it is ok to just use a sideways HVL-1 for C, are there any plans in the future to create a C specific speaker? Thank you.

April 23 2014

michael f stark:

hey great job on your design of your bookshelf loudspeaker. i have been following the loudspeaker development over the past 30 years since 1980 it’s good to see an american made speaker doing so good in the reviews.. i hope maybe i may be able to purchased a set for my livingroom. this sounds like a gift, to me.well i’m glad i found you guys. i’ve been on the internet fot a year and a half searching info on speakers. this may be the last site i need to look at. thanks for making them so budget friendly. bye all the best michael f stark mike55.com55@yahoo.com

October 07 2014


My son is an excellent research artist. He found the HVL’S online looking for something he could afford and sound was not a compromise. Money is a compromise, with reality. These, by no means have let him down or me, his dad in the other room. Haha, enjoying what he’s listening to as well. Thank you. I’m looking for a new center channel speaker that will do a better job than my Denon center does. So be back soon. Thanks again.

April 23 2015


regarding the 9.5" Depth of the HVL-1, is it with grille?

June 20 2015


edy…sorry for not seeing your question. Yes, 9.5" is with the grille.

August 13 2015

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