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Big News!  We can now bundle Rythmik subwoofers with our speakers, to offer even better value!

Our mission is to provide high value to audio enthusiasts on a budget.  By taking advantage of 30 years of experience and knowledge, we are able to concentrate on what matters most, and offer it direct to you.

Read the review of the HVL-1 by Jim Wilson at the Home Theater Shack:


There seems to be a renascence of value in the speaker market; I know of three different sets currently sold that are inexpensive, yet not cheap when it comes to sound quality. I've been fortunate enough to review two of those three, and I couldn't be happier about it. The Wave Crest Audio HVL-1 are the newest to catch my attention, and don't be at all surprised if they become very popular. They're pretty generic looks wise, but man do these things sound amazing. Were I blindfolded and forced to guess their price I would have speculated they cost about twice what they do. Smooth, balanced and poised the HVL-1's should be prized by every audiophile on a budget. Virtually impervious to volume, and capable of producing incredible nuances, these speakers are a true bargain." Jim Wilson via The Home Theater Shack
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....and more thoughts from owners:

"Curtis, Dave F, these are truly excellent speakers and a huge thumbs up for putting something out like this and not cutting the costs in what really counts the sound quality, but cutting costs in other areas to be able to offer these at a steal of a price!"

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"I'll be honest, I often have buyers remorse, but not with these. I am very happy with my new HVL-1's and Wave Crest Audio. Highly recommended."

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